Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

The unofficial start of summer is marked with Memorial Day weekend.  So to kick off June & Summer, we’ve selected the Butterfly Bush as our June plant of the month!

Butterfly bushes come in many colors and sizes.  One of our favorites is the pugster variety.  This petite, compact shrub grows to be around 1.5 – 2 feet in height & width and is perfectly sized for the average landscape.  In addition, the amount of color the butterfly bush produces each season is downright incredible.  Because of its bright colors and dramatic aroma – butterflies, bees & hummingbirds are attracted to it. 

When doing landscape designs for residential houses, we like to add one of these shrubs near a high traffic area so people can experience the fragrance day after day.  These beauties bloom early-mid summer through fall, so when your typical spring blooms like lilacs, hydrangeas, tulips or daffodils are done flowering, it’s time for the butterfly bush to shine.  No wonder they are often nicknamed “summer lilacs”. 

If you’re looking for a specimen that fits in any landscape complete with fragrance, high yield of blooms, and showy color, we highly recommend the butterfly bush. 

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