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Our Tree Service safely removes undesired trees & enhances the value of your land.

Preston’s Tree & Landscape Service has the specialized equipment and highly trained crew members to tackle any tree removal job with confidence! Our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Our Tree Services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Large limb removal
  • Stump grinding

Tree Removal

Getting rid of trees is a breeze with our special equipment! We use a powerful "100-foot Knuckle Boom Crane" that makes the process simple. This crane has an attachment called a grapple saw, which works like a big hand to grab the tree. Then, a saw comes out and trims the tree just below where it was grabbed. The best part is, our skilled operators control the whole thing from a safe distance. Don't worry if the trees are close to your house - our crane is built to handle big trees even if they're right next to your home. Additionally, when dealing with tight spaces, we rely on our Arbor Pro Lift/Spider Lift to get into those tight spaces so we can effortlessly eliminate any unwanted limbs or trees. Tree removal can provide lots of reusable materials. We can leave behind wood for you or remove it for you. Entire logs can be carried and hauled away. You tell us what you want and we can get it done.

Large Limb Removal

Large limb removal is a service that is not always cost-effective but when you have a tree that has been living a long time and you want it to stay, but there is a large limb or two that is dangerously close to your home and creates a risk that is too dangerous to ignore. We can come in with our crane truck and grapple saw. We can reach out to that limb and cut it off and carry it out to the chipper in one swift motion, Literally. Maybe we need to reach over the house but the only access is the side yard or even the front yard. Not a problem From 100 feet away we can reach that tree and carry material outright over the home.  A little more particular and sensitive? Sure. But with a piece of equipment that is designed for this type of work, we will be sure to take our time and get everything out safely.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is something that we also provide each customer. When the tree is down and hauled away one of the last steps of tree removal is to get rid of that stump. If it is something you just don't think is necessary, that is fine as well. Grinding the stump down up to 12 inches beneath grade will take care of any excess materials and will make your area appear as if there was never a tree there to begin with. Also, this service will provide the opportunity to plant grass or put in a new planting or structure in its place.

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Preston's is the complete "tree removal service" experts! We love removing unsafe and unsightly trees! Call into the office at 585 265 2490, to schedule with the office receptionist, to get an estimate! We are a local-professional company, which you can count on for safe and professional work!

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