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Preston's Tree Removal Service is quick, safe & professional. 

Utilizing our Knuckle Boom Crane, we can extend our reach to an impressive 100 ft. Additionally, when dealing with tight spaces, we rely on the Arbor Pro Lift/Spider Lift to effortlessly eliminate any unwanted trees.

Our equipment will cut down on work time and man-hours for the homeowner or landowner. This will allow you to save big! In just a few cuts, our machine will disassemble almost any tree, and carry it away. We guarantee less time & fewer worries to complete any job.

With 30+ years of experience, Preston's Tree Removal Services are among the best in the industry. 

Our process begins with a free estimate. Our estimator will visit your home or workplace and assess the situation. With a quick turnaround time, the tree removal team will be dispatched to complete the tree removal work. 

When the tree is removed Preston's can offer stump grinding. Stump grinding takes care of the stump and roots that other tree companies may leave behind. Grinding up to 12 inches underground level there will be nothing left. Our stump grinder is mobile and has the ability to drive itself to the stump location through fenced-in areas or maneuver through wooded areas. Once our crew leaves it will be like a tree was never there.

At Preston's, we take pride in our work and are able to put our name on it because we leave the job site confident that it was done right.


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With our tree crane we have the capability to take down trees piece by piece and carry it away in One simple step in almost any situation. Unwanted areas like close to your home or building, a fenced in area, way in the back field, or multiple trees that just need to go. With no men climbing trees, no ropes to drop the tree, our crane operates by remote control. This creates a safe and efficient workplace.

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