Evergreens & Mixed Evergreen Wreath Classes

We’re rolling into the Holidays, packing away the rakes and hoses in exchange for Christmas lights. It’s the time of year that evergreens are put in the spotlight to really shine. They supply the year-round interest your gardens and landscape are searching for in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and shades of green. 

Evergreens are split up into two categories: needle-bearing and broadleaf. Arborvitaes, Pines, Spruces, and Yews are all needle-bearing evergreens while Azaleas, Boxwoods, and Rhododendrons are broadleaf evergreens. When you are picking out your evergreens, you should consider trying to use a mix of native plantings. Native plantings, such as the White Pine, will be easier to maintain since they’re from this area. Using different kinds of plantings will also make you less likely to have a pest or disease wipe the whole bed out. Plus, when you use a mix of evergreens it creates a beautiful look with the different shades of green and types of foliage.

The landscaping you can do with evergreens is endless. You can create living privacy fences by using evergreens such as Yews, Boxwoods, Holly, or Green Giant Arborvitae. Try planting them in a zig-zag pattern for a fuller look! You can also plant evergreens strategically to help block the wind from your home, causing your energy bill to lower. Creating a wind break is also great for the smaller local wildlife. Evergreens of all sizes create shelter, food, water, and nesting sites for birds. If you’re trying to create a bird haven, evergreens are the way to go!

While we do encourage planting the evergreens, we also encourage learning all the fun crafts you can create with them. Here at Preston’s, we offer crafting classes with Lisa. Lisa will teach you how to make your very own mixed evergreen wreath just in time for the holidays! These classes are being offered on 11/27 & 11/30. Call the store at (315) 524-2200 for registration details.