February Plant of the Month: Succulents

Succulents are a great item for in the house or in the office.  When winter brings grey skies and barely any sunshine, a living plant that comes in a variety of sizes shapes and colors can help bring some life and excitement to your space. 

I like a mixed pot that might include a sansevieria, maybe an echeveria or two, and a cactus.  This way, you get plenty of texture and color in a small pot.  It won’t invade your space and it takes very little care.  And you know what?  I bet after buying one, you will look around for bigger, better, more creative ideas to expand your newfound excitement.

Caring for succulents can be tricky at times but overall is very easy once you learn your plant.  They need a little light, but not too much!  And a little water every couple of days or weeks is enough.  That can be dependent on your air quality, like whether you prefer a hot space or a cold space. 

Because these succulents are so popular, the internet is full of instructions and advice that you can easily research if you think you want to learn more.  I recommend spending a little time reading before you purchase because again, they are all a little different and one might suit you or your loved one just a little more than another.

During winter months and even all year round, you come upon birthdays and holidays and reasons to give “just-because” gifts.  When she doesn’t want roses anymore, or your child is moving into the dorm room, a succulent or a variety of succulents is a great gift idea. 

They are very affordable, so that is always a bonus for anyone.  This variety plant can be found in a lot of different stores, yet I recommend a garden center because the staff dedicated their time to taking care of and learning about the product they grow and sell. 

Preston’s Home and Garden Center has a lot of different kinds, both sold individually and in mixed containers.  Come check us out, you will love them, and you will probably be back for more!

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