Purple Hibiscus Bush

Hibiscus & Rose of Sharon

Need a *POP* of color in your garden? Are you worried about a colorless garden later in the season?

Look no further than the Hibiscus or Rose of Sharon!

They are classified as deciduous shrubs but with some pruning, in the winter or early spring, you can easily get a tree shape or even a blossoming hedge. These beauties bloom later in the season after the spring and most summer blossoms are done with their display.

While you will love the array of colors, the smaller locals will appreciate them too. Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus is a fan favorite among butterflies and hummingbirds with their perfume and flashy colors.

Their blooms range all across the color wheel- blues, pinks, whites, reds, yellows, purples, and even blossoms with a mix of colors. The foliage on these shrubs can be variegated to add a little extra color- like the ‘Sugar Tip’ Rose of Sharon.

These are very tolerant shrubs- they aren’t bothered by the heat, humidity, or most pests. They actually LOVE the heat and full sun. They aren’t too picky when it comes to soil either- just make sure it drains well.

Be patient with your Hibiscus & Rose of Sharon– they are late bloomers and late to get their leaves.

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