Hydrangeas & Hydrangea Trees

The hydrangea shrub and hydrangea trees are crowd favorites, especially in N.Y. and neighboring North-Eastern states.  With the spring rain and breaks in the summer heat, we have a great climate for all sorts of these deciduous shrubs.  From small to large, bold to subtle, and a large variety to pick from, the hydrangea will be a great addition to your landscape!

Hydrangeas come in an array of colors, foliage, and sizes.  They can range from creams to blues to even pinks and multicolored.  Some of our favorites are in the NEW ‘Seaside Serenade’ collection – they boast beautiful, bright blossoms on dense foliage and have longer-lasting blooms!  While color ranges on hydrangeas, so does the shape of the blossoms. 

Hydrangea blooms can go from a full cone-like shape to a more spaced-out blossom like the ‘Tiny Tuff Stuff’ hydrangea has.  Even the foliage varies on hydrangeas, going from small ovals to large oak-shaped leaves.  These shrubs come in multiple sizes as well – from dwarves at only 1.5’, like the ‘Pink Elf’, to tall trees.

Hydrangea trees are a fun way to add some height and extra color later in the summer.  With fun names like ‘Pinky-Winky’ & ‘Pee Gee’, these trees will become a focal point in your garden.  Their blossoms are dense and cone-shaped. Most are usually white, but there are hydrangea trees that have a pink hue at the ends.

These shrubs are not difficult to keep looking beautiful. They prefer well-draining soil and they don’t pay too much attention to the level of acidity.  Hydrangeas do need to be pruned.  Depending on when the buds set on your hydrangea, that will determine the best time.  Blossoms happen on the new growth of hydrangea trees – you’ll want to avoid pruning at the wrong time or you’ll interrupt your blossoms!  For some extra bright blooms on your hydrangeas, try out a bloom booster!

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